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Iain Shield from Shield Studio Pottery produces functional stoneware, mostly as one-off bespoke pieces. Iain uses wood ash or ash and titanium based glazes with soda ash wash rendering non-uniform and unpredictable surface colour influenced by the clay body, glaze application and firing technique. His faceted bottles and drippy glaze application with brushed oxide marks and raw clay body showing through are typical of his work.

Iain lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and runs a micro pottery alongside a busy full-time job and his young family. He has been throwing for over ten years and has developed techniques through tuition from several well-known potters and Sunningwell School of Art. Iain teaches throwing locally, exhibits regularly and has a thirst for craft and creativity.

Iain uses a self-built propane kiln for glaze fining. Experimental firings and glazes have enabled him to develop a range of pleasing results and unique pieces. Introducing wood to the kiln in key stages of firing enable interesting reactions in the glazes and clay bodies with rich colours and on occasions unexpected results and stunning pieces. Iain feels privileged to have fired the anagama kilns at Wytham, Oxford and has enjoyed the eastern influence which can start to be seen in his recent work.

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