With Oxford Arts Weeks being cancelled, this gave us the momentum to get an online shop set up for work produced by potters who fire with us. Whilst we prefer them to offer work fired at our kilns, with no firings since March we realise that that isn’t possible, so we’re also including work they have fired in their own kilns.

At present we have work from 7 potters listed, covering the whole range from strictly functional to finely sculptural. Have a look and see if you can find something to brighten up your home, as well as helping artists whose normal sales routes are at beset severely restricted at present.


Those of you who have been following our activities since the early days will know that Whichford Pottey were involved at the start. Unfortunately things didn’t work out, and Whichford are now going their own way. As they supplied the bricks for the largest of our kilns, the Brick Kiln, they have now started dismantling that kiln to reclaim their bricks.

We’re developing exciting plans on how to use the vacated space, more on which later.


We are just becoming active on Instagram at @oxforduniversitykilns.

Also, with time we’ve called ourselves various things. Earlier references to Anagama kilns are really too restrictive now, as they don’t cover activities like pit firing. So we’ve decided to just use Oxford University Kilns from now on.

With the current state of lockdown, we have postponed al events from April 2020 onwards. Oxford Arts Weeks has also cancelled all physical events, so both the open weekend at Wytham and the exhibition in Oxford are also off.

As and when things start easing up, we will review the situation, and keep people updated.